Turkmenistan has several major reserves: Badkhyz, Repetek, Khazar State Reserve, Gaplangyr and Kugitang.
BADKHYZ RESERVE – is located in the south of Turkmenistan near the border with Iran and Afghanistan in Tedjen – Murgap inter-rivers. The majestic and severe beauty of this edge and the unique population of koulan-onager, which was kept on the Earth only here in quantity no more than 150 heads, wealth and the diversity of Flora and Fauna required taking urgent measures on their conservation. For koulans preservation M.P.Rozanov has performed scientifically sound report of the whole natural complex of Badkhyz on creation of reservation and he has presented it to the Government of Turkmenistan. On December 3, 1941, despite of heavy military time, was founded the Badkhyz State Reserve.
Different unique species of plants and animals are protected in Badkhyz Reserve. Natural complexes, represented in Badkhyz reserve have no analogues in Eurasia, and therefore, it was included in the number of the most important world reserves and in early 2000 recommended to be included into the List of World UNESCO cultural and natural heritage.
Rare species of fauna and flora make the reserve on of the remarkable site of Turkmenistan. Visiting the reserve, acquaintance with its wonderful beauty is a pleasant unforgettable meeting!
THE KUGITANG RESERVE, which is located on the south of the Lebap region, is represented with a unique natural phenomenon: a grandiose canyon “Umbar Depe” with a striking 28 m waterfall, the world-wide famous plateau of Dinosaurs (with 438 footprints), a unique sulpher hydrogen spring “Kainar Baba”, canyon “Kirkgiz” (forty girls), karst caves. And at last a monument of nature Unabi grove! It is located in a mountain natural boundary with a small but deep, karst, unsalted lake. Here one can see a panorama of the Aira – Baba peak, the highest peak in Turkmenistan (3137 m above the sea level). An absolute wonder of Kugitang beautiful spots are the so-called Karluk caves with the underground town and onyx gallery. 
REPETEK BIOSPHERE RESERVE is located in the hot desert, approximately 70 kilometers far from Turkmenabat, the administrative center of Lebap velayat.
In 1927 the desert reserve was established at the station in order to protect the unique black haloxylon forests in the eastern part of the Garagum desert and the deserted places adjoining them. The reserve occupies 35 thousand hectares. Its flora and fauna is highly rich.
The plant kingdom of the reserve is rich with its black haloxylon, white haloxylon, sandy borjak, black and white kandym and many others.
The animal world of sandy desert reserve attracts the attention of the tourists. You can come across almost all kinds of birds typical of the Garagum Desert. They are a golden eagle, a black vulture, a beautiful bustard, a pink pelican, a saker falcon and an eagle owe. About 30 kinds of large and small animals live in the territory of the reserve such as a wolf, a desert lynx, a fox, a porcupine and a jackal. Here you can watch nature in its primordial state. 

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