Turkmenistan Tour: Farap-Merv-Ashgabat-Darvaza-KunyaUrgench

Turkmenistan 4 days tour starts from Farap border crossing and includes visiting of ancient Merv, exploring Ashgabat, Darvaza gas craters and sightseeing of historical monuments of Kunya Urgench - the capital of Khorezmshahs where tour ends with departure to Nukus, Uzbekistan

4 Days Tour in Turkmenistan

Tour in Turkmenistan starts from Ashgabat, includes visiting Mary, sightseeing to ancient Merv, exploring Darvaza gas craters, visiting historical monuments of KunyaUrgench and via Dashoguz border departure to Uzbekistan

Central Asia Tour In 24 Days

Travel to Central Asia and enjoy spectacular scenery, traditional cultures and historic cities along Silk Road by visiting Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan

3 Days Tour In Turkmenistan

Travel through Turkmenistan,  visit Ashgabat and take an amazing experience to Darvaza - old gas recovery field

Map Of Turkmenistan