Ride Up The Ashgabat Cable Car Tour

For some spectacular views of Ashgabat and the surrounding desert, take a ride up the Ashgabat Cable Car. We can organize a trip for you to get here.

Ashgabat Half Day City Tour

The present Ashgabat distinguishes itself with its own style, combining the best traditions of national architecture and the achievements of modern town-building such as “Arch of Neutrality”, “Memorial Complex”...

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Day Tour To Darvaza

Darvaza is one of the places that should be on the must-visit list of every serious explorer who likes to visit Earth’s most breath-taking sites. Darvaza is a gas crater the burning gates of which have...

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Day Tour To Nokhur

Visually, Nohur is unlike any other site found in Turkmenistan. Rich in history, nature and tribal custom, Nohur is set 1,100 m above the Karakum Desert in the cool mountain valleys of southwestern Turkmenistan.

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Excursion To The Underground Lake Kow-ata

The Bakharden underground lake is a natural sight in “Kov-Ata” Cave on the northern slope of the Kopetdag. The water in the lake is very famous for its curative characteristics.

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Visit The Horse Farm In Geokdepe

Horses, unlike any other animal in the world, were given proper names, not nicknames, by the Turkmen people. Newborn foals are called sons and daughters, and later on grandsons and granddaughters, assimilating them to the people. In this way, Turkmen people linked their fate inseparably with the horse’s fate.

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Map Of Turkmenistan