9 Days Tour In Turkmenistan

See the sights in Ashgabat - the city of Love, explore Darvaza gas craters, Geokdepe Fortress and Mosque, swim in Kowata underground lake, stay with locals in Nokhur Mountain Village, hike on Yangikala canyons, stay in Avaza Turkmen Caspian Sea resort, explore ancient Merv and continue to Uzbekistan through Farap border 

Exploring Turkmenistan in 12 days

Explore the Koytendag Nature Reserve, which offers dinosaur footprints, majestic natural waterfalls, a vast network of caves and Turkmenistan’s highest peak. You will also visit other most interesting and mysterious places of Turkmenistan in a fascinating 12 days tour.

Visit Ashgabat and Darvaza

See the modern Ashgabat city with its impressive white marbled buildings entered into the Guinness Book of World Records and take an amazing experience to Darvaza - the old gas recovery field located in the Central part of the Karakum desert

Turkmenistan Adventure Tour

Take your adventure to Turkmenistan with our 10 days tour, see the flaming gas crater in Darvaza, spend a day in a traditional and picturesque Nokhur village, explore Yangikala canyons and more

Turkmenistan's Silk Road Tour

Immerse yourself in millennia-old culture when visiting Nisa, Merv and KunyaUrgench and let yourself be enchanted by the Silk Road within our popular Turkmenistan's Silk Road 6 Days Tour

7 Days Tour In Turkmenistan

Within this fascinating tour you will visit the most interesting and mysterious places of Turkmenistan.

Map Of Turkmenistan